Setting up Your Business As a Gentle Soldier

More than a decade ago, in an ex business m├ętamorphose, there was a male in my life whom I actually considered a mentor and role model. He acquired taken a thought, envisioned the potential of it, then backed it with work and long hours until it paid back as a worldwide multi-million dollar trend. I got to watch the entire process unfold and even played a tiny role in it.

Certain things result from our lives that leave BIG impressions. Oftentimes they are big things and sometimes they are incredibly small things.

One day this man asked what looked like there was a very small question but became one of those BIG things. In an email concept he asked, “Are you a warrior or a conscientious objector? “

My own hippie roots kicked in and the knee-jerk, indignant and self-righteous response in my mind was, “Conscientious objector, of course, very well because the thought of being a warrior conjured up a flurry of images of things like ruthlessness, attack, plunder, and killing; nothing I was eager to ascribe to myself Poe wave of conviction builds.

But as the first reactive wave passed, My spouse and i realized the truth is that I am and have always been a warrior. And over the years, I have found that it is possible to be a “gentle warrior: “

that you can fight for a thing without harming others
that you can be pro-active without having to be antagonistic
that you can champion your croyance without judging or convicting others for theirs
What are you willing to fight for – not swindle, con or adjust others to achieve, but stand up to and for? What is frightening enough to make you want to show and run but important enough to hold your ground over?

My old friend Merriam Webster describes a knight as, “a person included in some struggle or conflict. “

The turmoil that produces the greatest problem for entrepreneurs occurs when a business idea hatches and soon falls under attack from bullies throwing fear-spears and doubt-arrows.

Defeating your bullies, whether or not they are in your mind or the real-world type that sometimes takes the form of well-meaning family and friends, takes a daily decision to become mild warrior and guard the greatness you know is uniquely yours and is just around the corner your claim to it.

Each of the “how-to” stuff you need to learn in order to claim your destiny is secondary to believing that you can have it. And dialling on the strength of the origin that planted the idea in your brain to get started with is the shortest path I realize to obtaining it. If you call it Heart, God, intuition, Allah, Angels or any other packaging, your vision and desire had a creative source. Trace it and engage it for the valor and strength you require to beat your bullies.

Once you are ready and willing to invest in that daily decision, hold on because that’s when the “how-to” stuff that you learn can actually pack a wallop and possess the power to rock your world!

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